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Lotus Tarot

After moving into the 'stix' as they say, I have less opportunity to help others with thier lives, via Tarot, Ogham Staves & Treelore or any other way.

So I built this site to keep an established connection.

Lotus Tarot will provide even more then Gemtigerstar could alone, sat at a small folding table offering readings to those who felt they needed them, in the corner of a Antique Bookstore in Dublin.

Tarot Early History

The earliest known cards still in existence date from 1392 and, of these, only 17 remain.

It is believed that they were painted for Charles VI of France by Jacquemin Gringonneur, but it is possible that they are actually less ancient and are Tarocchi of Venice cards from the middle of the 15th century.

The earliest surviving full deck was painted in 1422 by Italian artist Bonifacio Bembo. This is known as the Visconti deck after the family name of its commissioner, the Duke of Milan.

Tarot Myth

Tarot Myth; Although the tarot is regarded as a Fortune Telling Tool, this isnt exactly accurate.

The Tarot Cards are used as a Divination Tool yes, but what shows itself through the cards is altogether; Past, Present & Future in these structures:

Past will be indicated as knowledge or depictions that have already happened or have/have not been dealt with. Example: You survived a car crash.

Present will identify itself by pointing to areas of concern/progression/success/inhibition in your life. This is what I work on...To help guide you to your own solutions.

Future, this is where the myth comes in; the cards do not tell you or I, your future per se; it simply gives a few avenues of where you 'could' go in your future, it is up to you to find your destiny afterall. Example: The cards have a great deal of travel appearing.

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